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Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about international shipping from China. If you need further assistance, pls contact with us freely, were always here.

Q: I already have a freight forwarder in my country, why bother to find additional one in China?

A: We strongly suggest you should find a local forwarding agent in China, hopefully us.

Pls find the difference in the following table

Forwarding company
Local China forwarder
Yes (very)
Forwarder in your country


Global forwarder
Your supplier

Q: What is the minimum weight of Air Cargo?

A: The minimum weight of air cargo is 1 kg, but will be charged by 45kgs. Normally if it is less than 100kg by air freight is not competitive than international couriers via DHL, UPS, EMS, etc.

Q: What does volumetric weight mean for air freight shipments?

A: Length (cm) x height (cm) x width (cm) / 6000 (all airline)

B: Length (cm) x height (cm) x width (cm) / 5000 (DHL,TNT, FEDEX,UPS)

Q: I have some products are ready, some are not, do you have warehouse to keep them in a safe condition? Then wait for all of them are ready.

A: We have 24 hours cctv and safe guards control warehouse, also cover additional risk by insurance, we can help you keep them. Its FREE of rent in 2 weeks, over days will be charged by cost, contact us for details pls.

Q: I have many suppliers in China, if I pay them separately, spent me too much bank fee, can you pay these money for us? Whats the charge?

A: Sure, we can help you pay them in the same day which we got your money, or do it by your write notice, all these service are FREE of charge.

Q: How long it will take for my shipment to get to its destination?

A: Usually, it takes within 3-5 days for air cargo shipping.

For ocean transportation:
USA &Canada: 20 days
Western Europe: 25 days
Northern Europe: 30 days
Southern Europe: 27 days
Australia: 15 days
India: 15 days
South East Asia: 9 days
Eastern Africa: 30 days
Western Africa: 40 days
Japan: 5 days
South Korea: 6 days
South America (East): 30 days
South America (West): 45 days

Q: I have bought a lot of different items of goods from different cities around China, could you gather together then ship to me? Can you help us to prepare customs documents?

A: Yes, we can. You need to provide the contact information of each supplier and the detailed information of your cargo, then the mode of transportation (sea/air/courier) you choose.

Q: Could you recommend the most cost-efficient mode of transportation?

A:If the volume is big, ship by sea after consolidated is the best choice, or else ship the first urgent part by air, others by sea. We have experience can handle everything perfectly.

Q: How much information should I give to book my shipment?

A: easy way, just provide your suppliers information to us, after we checked with them, we will confirm with you again.

Give us the package dimension, weight, destination, shipping ways, Inco terms, products name, ready date at least.

Q: Are there any restrictions on what I can ship?

A:The size and weight of your shipment might restrict the airline or sea container or vehicle necessary to move your shipment. Also, goods which are classed as hazardous, perishable or high value are regulated by international law. Contact us with the details of your shipment and we can provide the best solution to moving that awkward load.

Q: What payment methods should I choose?

A: Pay by Wire Transfer, WN, Paypal.

Q: When should I pay?

Sea Freight: before the cargo reach.

Air Freight: before the airplane depart.

Q: Do I need cargo insurance?

A: Under the forwarding regulation in the world, if the cargo was damaged or lost, it will be assessed by weight, not value, so the cargo is in a not guarantee place. However, we recommend all the additional risk are adequately covered by insurance. We can buy the freight insurance for you easily with very big discount.

Q: Will your company keep all our information in safe?

A: Yes, all customers information are secret, we dont ever sell or about to any third parties. You can check our Privacy policy in the bottom.

Let us know your enquiry, we will reply you within 24 hours.


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