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Simon Wang


Im Simon, come from a city locating middle of China, Yangzi river across it to flow to East Ocean, which is west of Pacific Ocean. It brougt me up as mother and always in my mind.

After university life, I finally came to Shenzhen and set home here, it's young and energetic city, growing fast and becoming one of the most advanced metropolis in China. She attracts me so much, open, varity, inclusive, beautiful, clean, etc, it owns all! Whatsmore, she has beautiful beaches, its in my dream before and come true, I jog in the seashore enjoying surrounding, really amazing!

Now I work in Evershine, its young and energetic, just like Shenzhen city, we make clients business shine and grow with them; we keep close step with market, it enable us provide best solution to our clients; my workmates focus, positive and professional in busiess, it help us overcome hard time and become more stronger

Welcome you come to Shenzhen someday, take a look to the city, take a look at us.





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