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Meet Our Team

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Trade solution

We focus on small and medium international buyers, who purchase from China, who want to save fly time, travel cost, leave boring VISA procedure, stay with family and friends, but business are also controled by their hands strongly.

What we can do?

  1. Help you find true producer (not trading company), their price cheap 20% at least than trading company.
  2. Follow the order step by step.
  3. Keep your money in safe before goods delivery.
  4. Offer warehousing, customs clearance, QC, document.
  5. The most important thing, all of these are free of charge(for who use our logistics service).
  6. No matter which aspect you need, we are stand by.

The Five Step trading solution.

  1. Tell us what products you need.
  2. We send you contacts of twenty true producers(not trading company), you contact them for price & sample.
  3. Producers send us their samples, we consolidate in one lot, then deliver to client to check.
  4. Contract preparation and manufacturing.
  5. Quality and quantity inspection,Customs clearance and shipping.

You are getting best offers for required products from the leading manufacturers, with direct factory prices. You are also getting calculation for shipping costs and customs duties to your city.

We supply our service only for our shipping customers. We guarantee all our trading service are free of charge.

Help you Off 20% purchase price!

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