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How to Find Local Freight Forwarders in China_ 9 Steps

If you want to import some products from China, one of the main points to take
into consideration is how to deal with your product freight. Even if you apply CIF
terms, to avoid your loss and make maximum profit, you¡¯d better know how to
deal with shipping by yourself.


9 Steps to find the nice fright forwarder

  1. Decide whether you want to find a forwarder in your country or find a local forwarder in China.

  2. Obviously, finding a forwarder in your country is much easier, but the service charge in developed countries is much higher than in China.

  3. The lower labor cost, lower exchange rate, and other factors, make Chinese forwarders¡¯ service charge much cheaper.

  4. There are many Chinese freight forwarders, but only some of them are large, reliable and able to offer high quality service.

  5. Be aware that most international freight forwarders with operations in China will use a local Chinese logistics or freight forwarding company because of their lower costs and local knowledge. This means that you can contract with an international freight forwarding company that you trust, and they in turn will contract with a local firm to provide the service you require in China.

  6. Post a topic on an international business website or send quotation inquiries to listed forwarders.

  7. You will definitely receive inquiries from many forwarders and logistic companies.

  8. Carefully evaluate those forwarders.

  9. Get in touch with the forwarders you have choosed.


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