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Air Cargo Tracking and Tracing


First Three Air Waybill Number IATA Code Airline & Tracking
001 AA American Airlines
006 DL Delta Air Lines
014 AC Air Canada
016 UA United Airlines
020 LH Lufthansa Cargo AG
023 FX Fedex
027 AS Alaska Airlines
043 KA Dragon Air
045 LA LAN Airlines
048 CY Cyprus Airways
053 EI Aer Lingus
055 AZ Alitalia
057 AF Air France
061 HM Air Seychelles
064 OK CSA Czech Airlines
065 SV Saudi Arabian Airlines
071 ET Ethiopian airlines
072 GF Gulf Air
074 KL KLM
075 IB Iberia
077 MS Egyptair
079 PR Philippine airlines
080 LO Lot Polish Airlines
081 QF Qantas Airways
083 SA South African Airways
096 IR Iran air
105 AY Finnair Oyj
106 BW BWIA West Indies Airways Limited
108 FI Iceland air
112 CK China Cargo Airlines LTD.
114 LY El Al Israel Airlines
115 JU Jugoslovenski Aerotransport
118 DT TAAG - Linhas Aereas de Angola
124 AH Air Algerie
125 BA British Airways p.l.c.
126 GA Garuda Indonesia
131 JL Japan Airlines Company Ltd.
139 AM Aeromexico Cargo
147 AT Royal Air Maroc
157 QR Qatar Airways (W.L.L.)
160 CX Cathay Pacific Airways Ltd.
165 JP Adria Airways - The Airline of Slovenia
176 EK Emirates
180 KE Korean Air Lines Co. Ltd.
205 NH ANA All Nippon Airways
214 PK Pakistan International Airlines
217 TG Thai Airways International Public
229 KU Kuwait Airways
230 CM COPA Airlines
232 MH Malaysian Airline System Berhad
235 TK Turkish Airlines Inc.
236 BD British Midland Airways Ltd.
239 MK Air Mauritius
281 RO Tarom
297 CI China Airlines
318 CC Air Atlanta Icelandic
370 TL Trans Mediterranean Airways
390 A3 Aegean Airlines
403 PO Polar Air Cargo
406 5X United Parcel Service
463 ZP Silk Way Airlines
501 7L Silk Way West Airlines
555 SU Aeroflot Russian Airlines
566 PS Ukraine International Airlines
580 RU Airbridge cargo
603 UL SriLankan Airlines Limited
607 EY Etihad cristal cargo
618 SQ Singapore Airlines
635 IY Yemenia Airlines
643 KM Air Malta
675 NX Air Macau Company Limited
695 BR EVA Airways
731 MF XiaMen Airlines
738 VN Vietnam Airlines
784 CZ China Southern Airlines
807 AK AirAsia Berhad
843 D7 AirAsia
851 HX Hong Kong Airways
870 VV Aerosvit Airlines
880 HU Hainan Airlines
932 VS Virgin Atlantic Airways Limited
933 KZ Nippon Cargo Airlines
957 JJ TAM Linhas Aereas
988 OZ Asiana Airlines
997 BG Biman Bangladesh
999 CA Air China International Corporation

Sea Cargo Tracking and Tracing

Shipping Line Schedule Tracking Container Number or B/L Number Example
ANL Link Link WBXB129305
APL Link Link APLU065887557
CMA CGM Link Link CMAU1738755
COSCO Link Link COSU6097948430
CSAV Link Link NFYFQ5400
CSCL Link Link NGBFXT276219
EMC Link Link 140400143807
ESL Link Link EPIRCHNTAO144476
HBS Link Link 4TAOFA2001
HDS Link Link HDM0247SISH3996
HJS Link Link CHI306760400
HMM Link Link HDMUXGWB2613629
HPL Link Link HLBU1107723
KLINE Link Link KKLUNB7300482
KMTC Link Link KMTCXMN040304
MAERSK Link Link 951971165
MOL Link Link MOLU11020666421
MSC Link Link MSCUXR237624
NYK Link Link NYKU5605740
OOCL Link Link OOLU2534386010
PIL Link Link CLKUABJ1300086
RCL Link Link HKGCB12008841
SAF Link Link NPOZU0591
UASC Link Link CNSHA015342
WHL Link Link WHLU5499995
YML Link Link Z230290539
ZIM Link Link ZIMUXIA9509406


CY Tracking and Tracing

* CY= container yard. A port can have many CYs.


ePort http://www.tjportnet.com/
EDI http://app01.tjeport.gov.cn/


ePort http://www.qingdaoport.net/
QQCT http://www.qqct.com.cn/
QQCTU http://www.qqctu.cc/
CY Name CY Link
CMLOG http://www.cmlog.com.cn/
SDHJ http://www.sd-hanjin.com/
QDXDF http://www.qdxdf.net/
SDSINO http://www.sd.sinotrans.com/sdweb/HomePage/index.aspx
EIM http://www.eimskipdepot.com/
COSCOGW http://coscogw.com/
QGIL http://www.qgil.com/
YYDY http://www.yydy.com/
QDEMC http://www.qingdaoportec.net/evergreen/index.html
SSQD http://www.ssqd.cn/
SZX http://www.szx.net.cn/
LHL http://www.lhl.cn/
SDSMART http://www.sdsmartlogistics.com/
CIM http://www.cimcyl.com/
QOCT http://www.qingdaoportec.net/qoct
GXCZ http://www.qingdaoportec.net/gxcz/index.htm
RH http://www.qingdaoportec.net/rhindex.action


CY Name CY Website
WAIYI/PUDONG http://www.spict.com/
WAIER/ZHENDONG http://www.sipgzct.com/
WAISI/HUDONG http://www.sect.com.cn/
WAIWU/MINGDONG http://www.smct.com.cn/
YANGYI/SHENGDONG http://www.shsict.com/
YANGSAN/GUANDONG http://www.sgict.com.cn/
LUOJING http://www.sipglg.com/
JUNGONGLU http://www.jgl.sh.cn/


CY Name CY Website
NBSCT http://nbsct.nbport.com.cn/
CSCT http://csct.nbport.com.cn/
CMICT http://www.cmict.com.cn/
MSICT http://msict.nbport.com.cn/
YDCT http://ydct.nbport.com.cn/
B2SCT http://www.nbport.com.cn/wps/portal/bes
YZCT http://yzct.nbport.com.cn/
NBCT http://www.nbct.com.cn/


CY Name CY Website
XICT http://webies.xict.com.cn/
XOCT http://www.coscoyh.com.cn/
XMCC http://www.xmdd.com.cn/
NWXY http://www.nwxy.com/
XSCT http://www.xsct.com.cn/
XHCT http://www.xhct.com.cn/
XHDCT http://www.xhdct.com/
GITGT http://www.xitgt.com/


CY Name CY Website
HPWT http://hpwt.transgd.com.cn/
GCT http://www.gct.com.cn/
DJWT http://hpwt.transgd.com.cn/
GZHP http://www.hp.gzport.com/
GNICT http://www.gnict.com/


CY Name CY Website
ZSGW http://www.zsgw.com/
YICT http://www.yesinfo.com.cn/
DCB http://www.dcblink.com/
MAWAN http://www.mawan.cn/mawan.asp
SCT http://www.sctcn.com/
CWCCT http://www.cwcct.com/


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